ASHAWAY Rogue Duo Hybridikela

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ASHAWAY Rogue Duo Hybridikela
ASHAWAY Rogue Duo Hybridikela
ASHAWAY Rogue Duo Hybridikela
ASHAWAY Rogue Duo Hybridikela
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80,00 €
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95,00 €

Ashawayn ensimmäinen hybridijänne.

Pystyjänteet: RD68

Paksuus: 0.68mm

Pituus: 105m

Väri: Black

Vaakajänteet: RD61

Paksuus: 0.61mm

Pituus: 95m

Väri: Orange

Ashaway Introduces Rogue Duo® Hybrid String Sets for Badminton

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced Rogue Duo® Hybrid, its first hybrid string set for badminton. Rogue Duo Hybrid combines two Ashaway Beta Polymer strings specifically formulated for use in hybrid sets. The mains are made of RD68, a black 0.68 mm string, designed to provide a durable string bed. The crosses are made of RD61, an orange 0.61 mm string with a textured gripping surface for control and sharp spin. Beta Polymer string technology maximizes shuttle speed and generates excellent repulsion.

“Hybrid stringing has been gaining popularity in badminton for several years now,” said Ashaway’s Steve Crandall, “with a great deal of trial and error as to which combinations or what strings work best for differing styles of play. Rogue Duo Hybrid provides a hybrid string pattern for top players designed to optimize precision shot making with maximum spin and control.”

Ashaway's proprietary BETA polymer multifilament core technology provides 25% greater dynamic stiffness and elasticity than comparable strings, and its BETA polymer braided construction provides 25% better knot and shear strength. Best performance with hybrid stringing is achieved by maintaining a balanced tension ratio between mains and crosses. With Rogue Duo Hybrid sets, Ashaway recommends the crosses be installed at 5% less tension than the mains, or up to 30 lbs for the mains and 28 lbs for the crosses.


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