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SuperNick ZX
SuperNick ZX
SuperNick ZX
Toimitusaika alk.
1-2 pv
SuperNick ZX SETTI 10m
8,00 €
SuperNick ZX KELA 110m
85,00 €

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Multifilament nylon core provides optimum feel of the ball and precise touch

ZX wear layer increases durability and maintains tension

Textured surface increases ball control and maximizes spin potential

Ashaway, RI - Ashaway Racket Strings has added a new member to their market leading SuperNick® family of squash strings. Dubbed SuperNick ZX, the new 1.25 mm (17 gauge) string utilizes a multifilament nylon core wrapped in a wear layer of high tech Zyex® filaments. The new design provides much better tension stability and durability compared to current SuperNick XL strings, while maintaining the precise response of SuperNick's traditional multifilament core. A textured surface on the wear layer also increases grip and maximizes ball control and spin potential.

"More than a year in development, this new string combines the best features of our legendary SuperNick XL product line with the dynamic characteristics of Zyex fibers," said Ashaway's Steve Crandall. "It's a nylon-based string with a superpower, i.e., Zyex power. While we originally intended it for the very best squash players, SuperNick ZX can be an asset to anyone's game."

SuperNick ZX is designed for three types of players: for those looking for precise touch and excellent feel of the ball; for those who require superior durability and tension maintenance but still want the feel of a SuperNick string; and for players looking for increased ability to control and add spin to the ball.

"Several leading professionals in the US, such as David Palmer, John White, and others have already switched to this new hi-tech squash string product," Crandall added, "and I've just been informed that Mathieu Castagnet of France, currently PSA World #10 in men's singles, will convert to SuperNick ZX string in 2016."


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