Black Knight Hummingbird

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Black Knight Hummingbird
Black Knight Hummingbird
Black Knight Hummingbird
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The new Hummingbird racket as the name suggests is incredibly fast and light. The teardrop head shape will allow for lots of power and the light weight will be great for players who wish to have the ability to hold shots for a longer period to create better deception on their shot. The Supernick ZX Micro string will create excellent bite on the ball which will help create spin and more control. The Hummingbird also features the number one grip -Rad Cushion for superior grip control.

The New Hummingbird features the following technologies:

BK’s Thermal Core technology where the racquet is pressurized with superheated air while it is being cured. This allows for a uniform curing process inside the frame and out, for greater durability and a more responsive hit.

A racket designed for the advanced player.


Frame: BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC), Rad Cushion grip
String: SuperNick ZX Micro
String Tension: 25-32 lbs
Rigidity (RF): 88 medium
AFW: 120g
DW: 115g
Balance: Head Light
Area: 495


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