Black Knight Quick Silver nXS

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Black Knight Quick Silver nXS
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The QuickSilver nXS has been a very popular racquet in Black Knight’s range for many years. Its slender bridged head design and light 130g weight is even balanced. Incorporated into the High Modulus Graphite (HMG) are Quartz Carbon fibres for even greater strength and durability. Starting in 2016, this model has Ashaway SuperNick ZX strings, combining the stiffness and tension retention of PowerNick with the softer touch of SuperNick XL. It also comes with our #1 selling cushion grip called Rad Cushion for the ultimate in grip control. 

The Quicksilver nXS is an outstanding choice for both hard hitters who like to take the ball early, and for control players who depend on touch and precision.


  • Frame: nano-CarbonXS, Quartz Carbon, HMG     
  • String: SuperNick ZX
  • String Tension: 26 lbs with PowerNick 18
  • Rigidity (RF): 88 medium
  • AFW: 130g
  • DW: 130
  • Balance: Even
  • Speed: 9
  • Power: 8.5
  • Control: 9
  • Area: 487


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